27 March 2007

Double The Trouble

This is supposed info on the second album:

Interesting developing news .....

Just came across this on my daily checkup on the music scene:

Robin Antin phoned into the 103.7 Kiss FM morning show today to talk about the successful new reality show on the CW entitled simply The Search For The Next Doll. She confirmed the girls have been hard at work on the new album while touring with Christina Aguilera and that the winner has recorded some vocals for the new album. Robin also said Lil' Kim and Miss Aguilera herself will be on the album

Also, Aamer Haleem on VH1 confirmed the girls album will be out by the late-summer and is reportedly called "Double The Trouble" on the weekly countdown.

And the page on WikiPedia

is set to be the second album from The Pussycat Dolls.[citation needed]

Most of the songs were recorded in late 2006, the process continuing into early 2007. The Dolls, in an interview with German teen magazine Yam, have also confirmed working on this album. It has been confirmed that all the Dolls will each have some solo spots on this album, although main vocals will still come from Nicole Scherzinger, backed up by Carmit Bachar, Jessica Sutta, and Melody Thornton. Female rapper Lil' Kim will also appear on a song on the album. Until January 13, 2007 Double the Trouble was a rumored title for the album, but it was "confirmed" by Aamer Haleem on Vh1's Top 20 Countdown. It was also revealed that the winner of the CW's Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll will also be on the album.

[edit] Confirmed tracks (FALSE SO FAR)

  1. "Work It" (featuring Timbaland)
  2. "Show Me What You Got" (featured on the Live from London DVD)
  3. "Let's Go Faster"
  4. "Double the Trouble"
  5. "Charging You"
  6. "Fever / Big Spender" {featuring Christina Aguilera)
  7. "Push It"
  8. "You're All I've Been Missing'"
  9. "Sexier Than Her" (featuring Lil' Kim)
  10. "Moving On" (featuring Jay-Z)
  11. "Betcha Want Me" (featuring Danity Kane)
  12. "Let's Dance" (featuring Avant)
  13. "Being the One"
  14. "Baby I Need It" (featuring Chingy)
  15. "Bang! Bang!" (featuring Prince)

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