17 February 2007

Introduction 2

Hey..been awhile!! I am deciding to turn my blog into a music post blog, with new exclusive songs. I am a fan of PCD, so you will find much media of theirs here. I will NOT EVER post PCD or Double The Trouble, those are albums, go out AND BUY THEM!! Here I will share exclusive remixes, either official or not, instrumentals, acapellas, live performances, and the like. I will also do videos, that are both iPod/PSP compatible. (I have an iPod Shuffle and a PSP, so that's why.) I usually find the videos from other sources, or do DVD rips. Requests are always welcome.

Most videos will be MPEG-4 (.mp4) content format, and about 17-55 MB in size (604-2500 kbps). To play these you will need either iTunes (the latest, apple.com/itunes) or Quicktime (included with iTunes). iTunes is about 37 MB itself.

Most songs will be AAC (.m4a) content format, almost always 128kbps at 44.100kHz. These are the best settings I believe to keep CD-quality sound. iTunes plays these files as well. You may need a converter. The reason I use AAC is I use a Mac, an iBook to be exact. It saves space, and time.

So to start, I have the Live version of the Pussycat Dolls' "Show Us What You Got" also called "Stomp".

Here it is:

Pussycat Dolls - Show Us What You Got

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