01 January 2007


Brought into life a quiet morning in the year 1988, a child to be reckoned with was welcomed into the world to two loving parents. October tenth of that year, Timothy Jourdan Rice came into existence, and with that, a prodigy began. Living first with both parents, he faced a terrible choice of being pulled between his father and mother, while his older sister faced the same circumstances. He was shuffled from parent to parent until his mother proved she was the more capable one, or so it seemed. And while this occurs, little Timothy's dream grew.

First realizing his absolute desire to perform at the tender age of seven, he enrolled in his first play in the second grade. It was at this time that he realized his true calling: the stage. He reveled in being able to lift an audience just by his presence and performance. He quickly became immersed in acting, but his environment forced him to shy away from any performing. Starting a new life with his mother, he had to adjust to a new situation and instead turned to other creative arts. It was at this time that he went through a acting 'exile' and remained in the world of writing. He began to create characters and settings inside his mind and transform to life using his pencil and paper. He had found another strength; he could write and perform as well. He was certainly a very bright student, and this combined with his other talents made him appear a triple threat.

By the eighth grade, he'd entered songwriting contests to no avail. He was propelled into the world of music after singing in talent shows for years; he loved to perform, but just in a different way. He no longer entered into plays after his minute part in "A Tree Grows In Hollywood" at twelve years. He once again shrunk away from acting to pursue a new goal that seemed to combine his strengths: performing and writing. He couldn't get enough; by the time he entered tenth grade he had written over one-hundred fifty songs. And he was not showing any sign of slowing.

The summer of 2005 he began to do what he'd wanted to do forever: record. Not professionally but pretty damn close: he used his own computer to use instrumentals of current songs to showcase his voice. A'capella versions of his own songs were created, and he's currently making custom beats for them to finally take the ending step to bring them to reality.

Along the way he lost "Timothy" and became "Alejandro ~dro~", owing this change to yet another talent: Spanish. He's loved the language since about the first time he was in a play in second grade, due to Selena. Knowing about her even before her death, he was pushed even further into singing and songwriting and the Spanish language because of her. By the time he was in the fourth-level Spanish class (out of five total levels) in tenth grade, he was almost fluent. He continues today to sing and speak in Spanish, and most of his songs have Spanish counterparts. His first album is tentatively called "tengo que decirte todo", which for those not Spanish-intensive, means "I have to tell you everything". Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Once he becomes a full-fledged, signed artist, his album will be out for the general public. Until then, he is in the studio, where he is scheduled to duet with Melaney, a singer who also performs in Spanish and English, as well as another artist, Damaris, who hails from Mexico. Collaborations will use new music, which will have its premiere on this site, as well as on myspace.com/michealexmusic, Alejandro ~dro~'s page. Whatever the future holds, it appears Alejandro ~dro~ will be successful, and he will be remembered for times to come.

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