I want to tell you how much I Love, Appreciate and Adore

you all! All of your emails, fan books, and videos inspire me every

day to do the best job I possibly can as an artist and as a person!

I'm so excited to tell you the PCD train is moving fast! Soon I'll

get to reconnect with you again through the new music and our upcoming

travels!!! I can't wait! It is so important to me that you all

understand how much I truly care for you all. Sometimes I feel a

little guilty because I want to reach out more, but my internet skills

aren't quite on par with my singing and dancing ;) LOL

So here is a brief recap of what I have been up to the last couple

weeks. I'll start with my Birthday. I went to Vegas with my best

friends, my cousin and the Dolls to celebrate with fans and friends at

LAX in the Luxor. Wow, it was one blessing after another! So many

people came out to help me celebrate my Birthday and I felt so loved.

After an amazing Birthday dinner, the Dolls joined me on stage where

we performed some of our past and current hits. The energy was CRAZY.

Then I was presented with the most beautiful cake ever and felt like

such a princess!!! The next day I got to spend some quality time with

my closest friends at the Ceasars Palace pool. They even played some

PCD songs and it filled my heart with such joy to see everyone dancing

around in the water! It was soooooo cool!

When I got home from Vegas it was right back to work! I have been in

the studio and rehearsals nonstop trying to make this new album my

best PCD work yet! I am also making plans to connect with all my

amazing fans more often. I hope you truly feel my heart and deep

gratitude... through my music, my performances and this BLOG you're

reading right now! Know that I always take your spirit with me every

day I go to work. Even though my busy schedule doesn't allow me the

time to get on the computer that often, you are always with me.

So...Let's do this!!!!! The next round!!!!!! Doll Domination!!!!!!

Thank you for always inspiring me to give EVERYTHING I'VE GOT in my

heart, my spirit, soul and music.

Much aloha and keep your love and light bright!