24 July 2008

Ashley's Blog [7.24.08]

Dedicated to YOU!

HII beautiful people. You know how much I love you all, right!? Thanks to you I am getting to live out my dreams and have the best job in the world. I want you to know that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and don't ever give up. All of your dreams can come true to. Thank you for always supporting us/me in this amazing journey. You are truly the best fans on earth. I spend so much of my down time on the computer looking at all of your web pages and youtube videos. They make me smile with my heart! I want to apologize for not always having the time to respond! Please know that I think you are all truly amazing. We are all gifts!!
p.s. Favorite music right now is..
Justin Nozuka.. After tonight
Adele.. MY hometown
Lady Gaga.. Just Dance
Much love,
Ashley PCD

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