22 April 2007


Some reminders to anyone visiting my blog:

*I do NOT post album tracks, albums, FULL singles, or 'purchaseable' music in physical release. I only post instrumentals, acapellas, remixes, and various 'edits' that either myself or other blog contributors provide. DO NOT ASK FOR THESE SONGS.

*The format of most music is AAC (.m4a). This is 'iPod' music. You may need a converter if you do not like this format. I offer this format because I use an iPod and many others do.

*Music videos, DVD rips, and commercially-available video material pertaining to the Dolls will NOT, repeat, WILL NOT be offered here at PCD MVM.

* REQUESTS are done through the SHOUTBOX. If anyone breaks these rules in the shoutbox, by posting 'illegal' files or anything against the rules, they will be BANNED. No excuses, explanations. If you feel you do deserve another chance, send me an email.

***** I am trying to keep a blog open that is as legal as I can make it. I am not posting any material that may hurt the Dolls' sales, I love the Dolls, I would never do that.******

Thank you,

Alejandro ~dro~

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