30 April 2007


Sorry, this was supposed to come yesterday, but here it is!! New songs from me and my sources!!! Have fun!

Next weekend is a video megapost!!! I will post videos from the Dolls and may even do limited time available DVDrips of the official videos. Check back Saturday!!!

Bite The Dust (Unofficial Radio Edit) *onlyvipmedia.blogspot.com
Buttons (David Audé Tour Edits) 4 versions in one package *from Matthew, Jordan
Beep (Tour Edit mixed with SFTND Edit) *Jordan MP3
Big Spender (Instrumental) *Jordan
Stickwitu/Don't Cha (DaHotMixx) *nicolefan.com
Don't Cha (No Rap/Radio Edit)
Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) (Official remix) LIMITED TIME LINK
Nicole's Audition for Popstars USA 2001

SFTND Tracks from the Show

All In One Package (*mostly nicolefan.com and then others. Mix of AAC and mostly MP3)

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felix said...

thanks! great stuff!