14 April 2008

Second Album - Facts and Rumors

Some of this true, but some is the usual take-with-a-grain-of-salt Wikipedia information. Anyway:

The second album from the Pussycat Dolls is set to be released in August 2008. This will be the first album without member Carmit Bachar who left the group in March 2008. The album will also include more vocals from other members rather than Scherzinger leading the group.


An interview with Ron Fair and Robin Antin, they confirmed that five songs are now finished, with production coming from Scott Storch, Timbaland, Cee-Lo Green, Sean Garrett, Darkchild, and others.

One of the songs recently recorded is a ballad called "Psycho", produced by Ron Fair. A short video shows Scherzinger and Fair in the studio singing the song. The vocals that can be heard in the audio come from Scherzinger,Roberts,and Thornton. Others songs recorded for potential inclusion on the album can be found in the ASCAP database.

The yet untitled first single has an anticipated release date of June 2008 according to a blog of Ashley Roberts, with the album following. Amongst other rumors, the song 'Steam' originally recorded by Scherzinger for her solo alubm has been re-recorded for the second Pussycat Dolls album, adding vocals from other members of the group.

According to the blog of Kimberley Wyatt on the official website, the group recently attended a listening session for the album, sparking rumors that the album is complete.

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